Tenerife Holidays – Unbelievably close, absolute amazing


Tenerife can be your next Hawaii holiday. One of the Spanish islands in the Canary archipelago, Tenerife can become your next favourite holiday destination. With European standards (Euro currency, infrastructure, safety, high-end accommodation) but in the Atlantic Ocean closer to the African continent, Tenerife is now just one flight away from New York.
This volcanic island shares quite a few similarities with Hawaii but still offers plenty of surprises and a lot of unique experiences. A thousand plans are possible at any time of the year thanks to the mild climate (an average of 73° F) and the wide range of activities offered by the largest of the Canary Islands.


Enjoy a day at the beach (plenty to choose from the 101 beaches here), walk along with one of the trails that go deep into lush forests (about one thousand of them), discover impressive volcanoes (the highest mountain top in Spain – Teide Volcano), and breathtaking landscapes (included in UNESCO heritage), almost otherworldly (moon-like scenery), and imposing ravines and cliffs. Contemplate an infinite sky of stars in good company or have your dream come true and get to see whales and dolphins swim in their own, wild habitat.

Or maybe you are into sports and some action will enhance your holiday. That’s great! Tenerife makes it possible to practice plenty of sports, especially those related to the sea or golfing, as the island has several courses to choose from. And if you are looking for more intense emotions, a day at the number one water park can be a hit. Or paragliding, become a skipper or whatever else that may come to your mind. In short, a different plan for every day and every type of vacation!

When it comes to accommodation, again plenty of options for all tastes and pockets. Exclusive, 5-star resorts to indulge in comfort and luxury, Spanish style luxurious villas with infinite pools and private concierge or impressive, high rated apartments… your holiday, your choice, plenty of offers for each type.

Now the great news is that your new, perfect holiday destination is just 7 hours away. The flight from New York to Tenerife, operated by United Airlines can take you to the island of the eternal spring three times a week for about 700$.

We almost forgot, we also have here the second largest carnival in the world, after the one in Rio.

Get in touch with us and we can help plan and book everything for you, exactly as you need it and dream of. No standard deals and no closed packages, Tenerife To Do is your local concierge to listen to you and tailor make your holiday.