How to choose the best boat trip in Tenerife

Top 5 Tenerife Boat Trips

You have heard that Tenerife is the ideal place to observe marine life, watching whales, dolphins, turtles and various species of fish, but do you know how to choose the perfect boat from the multitude of options and prices displayed on our boat page?

Here is all you need to know about Boat Tours in Tenerife:

There are several types of boats on which you can choose to spend a few relaxing hours enjoying the ocean breeze and the pleasant Tenerife sun. To make sure you choose the right one for your needs we have made a list of the different elements below:

The main difference is the size of the boat and the number of passengers on the boat.

Thus, a shared boat with more passengers can be cheaper than a boat with a small capacity, because the smaller boat gives you privacy and a private trip feeling. It is, if you like, the difference between a taxi and a bus. On the other hand, the larger capacity boat is wider and swings less in the waves, so those with a propensity for seasickness might want to consider it. From the so-called big boats, I recommend Maxicat Catamaran because I like sangria and they offer this drink along with beer and soft drinks. The food is also cooked so sailing with Maxicat Catamaran could be also considered a brunch, lunch or early dinner.

Another aspect is the comfort offered by the boat and the staff because a new boat with a polite staff offers a superior experience compared to an older boat. To make sure you choose something that suits your standards you can write to us and we can explain the differences between different boats. Our prize for excellency goes to Monte Cristo Catamaran because they always exceed expectations based on the survey we conduct for our clients.

Another important difference between boats is the duration of the cruise, which varies between 2 hours and 5 hours, depending on the destination and the speed of the boat. For example, a 2-hour cruise costs about 25 euros per adult while a 5-hour trip to Los Gigantes with the same boat costs around 59 euros per person. You get no food for a 2 hours cruise and honestly, wouldn’t need it either. The longer cruises go to Los Gigantes, definitely one of the places you shouldn’t miss while in Tenerife. The cliffs reach more than 500 m and they seat directly into the ocean, making the scenery from the boat truly unique.

It is also worth mentioning that some boats offer food and drinks during the cruise and obviously depending on the type of food and drinks served the cost can vary up to 100%. For example, a boat where sandwiches and beer are served is cheaper than one where paella with seafood and champagne is served.

If you are 6 or more or if you cherish privacy you can opt for a private charter for you and your family. Prices vary in terms of the size of the boat and again the services provided. You can relax together with your loved ones in a small elegant boat (maximum 11 pax) and pay no more than 400 euros, or you can have a glamorous party or even a wedding on a private catamaran for about 1150 or more.
Also, this is an excellent idea for a wedding proposal since the sunset will offer great memories.

So read carefully the description of the services offered on board and write to us if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them and make sure you will fully appreciate the experience you have chosen.

We wish you a pleasant holiday!


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