TenerifeToDo Payment Options

Online Payment

TenerifeToDO comes with two types of online payment.

1. Paypal

2. Debit / Credit Card (Via Stripe gateway)

After payment processed, the system will automatically reserve your seat and the invoice will be generated in customer backend. Both customer and admin can see the transaction as ‘online paid’ from backend and the transaction id will appear in there.

Offline Payment

This option is not available on all of the offers featured on our platform. On the offers where this option is available, you can choose to reserve and pay at a later date by bank transfer.

You will receive all the necessary info on your email address for you to be able to pay in time for the services and secure your reservation.

After clicking on the ‘Book and pay later’ button, customer will be able to see the transaction in the backend. There’re two buttons, Submit Payment Receipt and Make An Online Payment.

For Make An Online Payment, customer can perform an online payment via Paypal and Credit Card.

Submit A Payment Receipt

This button allows customers to submit payment receipt after they proceed the bank transfer.

Verifying The Receipt Submission

We will be able to verify and approve or reject the receipt submission. After approving or rejecting, the system will send email notification to customer.