Food & Drinks in Tenerife – What to expect

Eating on Tenerife

The kitchen of Tenerife is one of the purest kitchens in Spain. Food & drinks in Tenerife are tasty and traditional but you cand also find Michelin restaurants on the island. The agricultural roots of the population have resulted in simple dishes in which beautiful ingredients are central. Fish, vegetables and potatoes are the most important components of daily dishes.

Fishing enthusiasts will also enjoy themselves in Tenerife. The best thing is simply to choose something from the fresh catch of the day. Various delicious fish such as sea bream, hake, sea bream and tuna swim in the waters around Tenerife. The way to eat fish is from the baking tray with the only additions of garlic, salt, olive oil and some pepper.

With a fresh salad added with some wrinkled potatoes or bread and you have a delicious meal. Those who cannot choose can choose the varied fish dish. This is almost always for two people or more. As a starter, but also as a main course for lunch, squid and shrimp are very popular on Tenerife. Shrimps are served in all sorts of ways.

The tastiest according to many is in a hot bowl with oil, garlic and a dash of pepper. Shrimps are served in a variety of ways.

For meat lovers there is also plenty of goodies to be found on Tenerife. Local specialties include goat meat and rabbit. Along the coast you see these meats much less. Pork, beef and chicken are mainly served there. Cheese lovers can enjoy delicious goat cheese on Tenerife, produced locally and in the other Canary Islands.

Tapas & paella

Dishes that have come over from other parts of Spain are the tapas and paella. Paella is originally from the Valencia region but is very popular among tourists throughout Spain and the Canary Islands. You can also eat paella in many restaurants where fish determines an important part of the menu.

Tapas are offered en masse on Tenerife. For many, this collective name for small snacks/dishes is synonymous with Spanish food. Especially in the tourist villages, you see tapas from lunchtime until late in the evening. The best tapas are served according to the booklets in La Laguna,

International cuisine

For those who do not need Spanish food, you can choose from a wide range of international dishes on Tenerife. Especially in places where there are large tourist concentrations, but also in larger cities such as Santa Cruz and La Laguna, there is a wide variety of dishes on offer.

You will regularly come across Italian and Chinese as foreign restaurants, but the sushi is also slowly beginning to find its way on Tenerife. The restaurants in tourist places often have a wide selection of international dishes.


Tenerife wine, which has met fairly strict quality standards since 1985, is made from the malvasia grape variety that has come from Madeira Island. Tenerife wines are delicious.

Prizes are regularly won at international competitions. The fact that you barely encounter the wines in european stores is mainly due to the price and available quantity. The vast majority of the wines are sold on the island of Tenerife itself.

In addition to wine, Tenerife also mainly drinks beer (local and imported), spring water, soft drinks and fruit juices. In the bars and restaurants there is generally a wide selection of strong alcoholic drinks and cocktails.