Frequently asked questions - Affordable experiences in Tenerife

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Do i have to pay any extra fees on top of the shows prices?

No. We do not charge any extra fee on top of the prices you see for the experiences in Tenerife. The prices also include the tax. If you wish to spend more money on some trips for buying souvenirs or photos that is entirely up to you and is not mandatory.

Do i need a printed receipt when i show up ?

We do not require a printed version of the confirmation email we sent you at the time of the booking, but please keep with you an ID and the order number.

How much does a trip cost?

Every experience / adventure / trip presented on TenerifeTodo has the price shown on the respective page. In case you need a more personalized offer or a group offer, please don`t hesitate to contact us at

How can i pay?

We offer 3 options to pay for your desired experience in Tenerife:
1. Paypal
2. Debit / Credit card
3. Bank Transfer

Paying online at TenerifeTodo is fast, easy and secure. We do not store any info on our site, the payment is done securely though high end level encryption directly with our payment processor – Stripe.

What should i wear?

Whatever is comfortable and makes you feel good. Depending on the type of trip you are looking for, you might need to have a sturdy pair of trail shoes or sneakers.

What do i need to bring along?

Please read the description of each experience carefully. Some of them offer all-inclusive drinks and food, others offer snacks and soft drinks but there are also some that don`t include anything so you might need to bring a bottle of water and something to eat depending on your needs.

Do I have to make a reservation online before showing up?

Yes, It is mandatory to make the reservation online first as most of the time all our providers have many reservations coming in and they will not be able to offer you a service without prior reservation as the number of spots are most of the times predefined and limited.

For any other question that we did not cover above, please feel free to send us an email at